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Our Product Category
Company Profile

M/s. Royal Surgicare Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2001 under Title of Royal Healthcare products, as a partnership firm by Mr. Paresh J. Patel with prime interest to manufacture, supply and export of medical disposable products, to meet the demand of healthcare market as per international and Indian standard, on small base and with big vision.

M/s. Royal Surgicare Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO and CE certified company manufacturing a wide range of disposable surgical products using high quality raw materials and state of the art manufacturing process, under a stringent quality control and sterile environment. Since our product plays a critical role in the demanding field of surgery, our primary objective is to manufacture products that meet strictest hygienic standards with UMAFLOW brand.

All UMAFLOW brands disposable medical devices are produced in accordance with ISO 13485:2003 and Medical Device Directive 93 / 42/ EEC. We have an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certification by TCL (Transpacific Certifications Limited). Our products are also registered in India.

M/s. Royal Surgicare Pvt. Ltd. has made a significant contribution by providing excellent services to the fraternity of Medice which is the most demanding environment. Entrusted with the confidence of the eminent Surgeons, who have dedicated their lives to nurture mankind, we have undoubtedly become the leading market players in the industry. Our products are trustworthy and have been grounded on the substratum of invaluable inputs made by the team of scientists that Research & Development professional’s endeavor extensive expertise with latest technology to build the surgeon faith, safety and demand worldwide.
M/s. Royal Surgicare Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers in India for medicals disposable surgical products. M/s. Royal Surgicare Pvt. Ltd. Manufactures, exports their products and supplies to state government, local authority, hospitals, healthcare industries and local market.

By virtue of experience company has mastered the product and gathered expertise in testing of medical surgical disposable products. M/s. Royal Surgicare Pvt. Ltd. is in position to meet the customer’s requirement in terms of products Quality, Range & Quantity. M/s. Royal Surgicare Pvt. Ltd. has a leam of competent personnel to do their functions and thus deliver the products to the customer’s satisfaction. M/s. Royal Surgicare Pvt. Ltd has already earned recognition about their capabilities to make products as per customer’s specifications and to any specific demand.


M/s. Royal Surgicare Pvt. Ltd. is provide best quality product for best human health by overview of the structure of the Quality Management System. Our quality control standards have achieve us the ISO 9001-2008 & ISO 13485:2003 and CE certification. Our aim is to be one of the prime suppliers of Medical Devices to the International market. We are committed to give quality products at competitive prices. Customers’ satisfaction is our top priority and we ensure that we fulfill their needs on a continuous basis.

Quality Policy:

We shall achieve customer satisfaction by means of establish and sustain an effective Quality Management System that ensure to provide customer requirement with quality assurance, Reliable quality of disposable product at competitive rate by introducing new range of surgical products. As a customer focused company we shall be able to understand change in customer’s requirements time to time and continually improve our Quality Management System.


The Infrastructure requirements such as Land, Building, and Workshop, Utilities, Equipments, Communications and Other facilities are sophisticated, dedicated and modernized.

• Class 10,000 assembly room.
• In house quality control test,
• Modernized E. T. O sterilization plant.
• Specific work environment is maintained for the production as per Schedule M-III (G.M.P.).
• Specific work environment is maintained for the production as per ISO 9001:2008.
• Specific work environment is maintained for the production as per ISO 13485:2003.
• Specific work environment is maintained for the production as per Medical Device Directive 93 /42/ EEC

Quality Control & Management System:

Product realization has planned and developed the process needed through quality management system like,
• All manufacturing process under hygienic condition under one roof.
• In coming raw material testing, before it is used in production process.
• In process testing in production quality control and checked at all stages.
• Inspection control & checked.
• Finish product quality control & testing, it include physical, chemical, biological and micro biological testing as per statutory requirement and regulatory requirement.

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